Welcome to the Family Entertainment Capital of the World at Las Vegas

#FindYourFamilyFun from the glittering Las Vegas Strip to the historic Downtown Las Vegas

By Donna, mom, editor, publisher, travel agent May 27, 2019

From the glittering Las Vegas Strip to the historic Downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas is now the family entertainment capital of the world. Get a FREE kid-friendly website, weekly email newsletter, calendar of events at Downtown Las Vegas, activities, attraction guides and more. Sign-up by clicking HERE! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

What is Macaroni Kid?

Macaroni Kid Downtown Las Vegas is a free website and weekly e-newsletter that provides:

  • information to find your family fun with events, activities, giveaways and more;
  • resources on entertaining, educating, shopping, and caring for children;
  • how to parent with a purpose with informational articles, giveaways, travel and product reviews, deals, crafts, recipes and more on;
  • connecting the libraries, schools, rec centers, community centers and all of the wonderful organizations and businesses that enrich our children, families, and communities.

Over the next few weeks, this will become the very best place for you to hear about all of the great activities and events for kids and their families in our area!

Macaroni Kid is a free, weekly email newsletter highlighting upcoming events and activities specifically for kids in our community. Each week, we will publish a free email newsletter that will deliver all the news straight to your inbox.

Why did I get involved with Macaroni Kid?

"As a mom in Las Vegas, I know how difficult it has been to keep track of the fun and enriching events and activities available for kids. I'm extremely excited to bring Macaroni Kid to our community and look forward to the opportunity to support the many cultural, not-for-profit, school and just plain fun things there are to do in Las Vegas."

More About Me:

I am a mom of two, and we are a family ALWAYS on the go - local, national, and international destinations for cool things to do with my family. I love traveling, coupons, deals, freebies and giveaways. I love joining contests too. And some winnings too. I scored free trips abroad and local places as well.

What are in store for your subscribers?

"In addition to family events and activities, I also provide online family resources on informational articles, giveaways, travel and product reviews, deals, crafts and recipes that encourage readers to visit our website frequently."

Where did the Macaroni Kid come from?

Macaroni Kid Downtown Las Vegas is actually part of a larger network, there are Macaroni towns all over the country. The name came from the three founders, who realized that all kids are "macaroni kid' - macaroni is kind of a universal kid food and kid image. It somehow communicates happy kids.

What are your plans for Macaroni Kid?

"I want Macaroni Kid to become an increasingly valuable resource for all families in the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. We will continue to provide useful, super-current information each week and help support our community."

How to submit articles and events?

Ideas for articles can be sent to Event listings can be sent on the submit event button on the website.

How do people get Macaroni Kid here in Downtown Las Vegas?

Click here to subscribe so you will be the first to know about the events and activities at Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. You will also find attraction guides and best deals to find your family fun from the glittering Las Vegas Strip to the historic Downtown Las Vegas.

How can subscribers become more engaged?

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