Clark County Children's Mental Health Consortium

Mental Health Resources for Children, Teens and Families

By Donnah Opelac, publisher & editor of Downtown Las Vegas Macaroni Kid December 20, 2017


There is hope for children and families who are experiencing childhood mental health problems. Families are encouraged to seek help as soon as possible if they see any of these warning signs which may include but are not limited to: 

•Refusing to attend school or a declining school performance

•If your child is being bullied or is being accused of bullying by other children or peer conflict 

•Extreme fearfulness or excessive worrying 

•Recurrent negative feelings about oneself, suicidal or homicidal thoughts or behavior 

•Uncontrollable anger or rage

•Repetitive habits and rituals

•Excessive sexual thoughts or actions

 •Using drugs or alcohol

•Obsessive dieting, exercising or any other behaviors


•Extreme parent/child conflict

•Seeing or hearing things



Northern Nevada Child and Adolescent Services Children’s 

•Clinical Services (775) 688-1600 

•Residential Care Services Family Learning Homes (775) 688-1648 

•Adolescent Treatment Center (775) 688-1633 

•Early Childhood Mental Health Services (775) 688-1600 

•Wraparound in Nevada (775) 688-1481 

•Mobile Crisis (775) 688-1670 

Southern Nevada Child and Adolescent Services 

•Children’s Clinical Services (702) 486-0000 

•Residential Program Services On-Campus Treatment Homes (702) 486-7664 

•Desert Willow Treatment Center (702) 486-8900 

•Early Childhood Mental Health Services (702) 486-0000 

•Wraparound in Nevada (WIN) (702) 486-0000 

•Mobile Crisis (702) 486-7865


Early Childhood Mental Health and Children’s Clinical Services: Individual, family and group therapeutic services for children through 17 years of age and their families; day treatment services for youth ages 3-6. Services are provided by mental health professionals, including staff psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, mental health counselors and licensed clinical social workers. 

Mobile Crisis: Provides crisis intervention and stabilization services for children and adolescents and their families. Services are available for children and adolescents under the age of 18 who are exhibiting behavioral or mental health concerns which threaten the child’s removal from the home, school, etc. 

Residential Program Services Family Services provides psychiatric inpatient services as well as group treatment home and residential treatment care. 

Wraparound in Nevada (WIN) Family Services uses a Wraparound Model of service delivery, providing community-based case management services as needed.

Note from the publisher

This is a resource guide and should not substitute a consult to your health care provider. Consult your health care provider for any health care concerns you may have, including, but not limited to physical and psychological concerns.

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